Friday, October 31, 2014

"In My Country There is Problem", a Tea Party Anthem for America

I'm a huge fan of Sacha Baron Cohen's work. Not being a Social Conservative has its benefits.  I suppose you'd call folks like me South Park Conservatives (I'll write a post on that sooner or later), but really we're just Tea Party Libertarians.  So, we get to enjoy some of the prurient experiences in life that Social Conservatives (aka SoCons) might find offensive or sinful.

In the movie Borat, there is a scene which is instructive and is simultaneously extremely humorous and alarmingly, well, alarming.  It's where he's in Tucson Arizona at a redneck honky-tonk and sings "In Our Country There is Problem: Throw The Jew Down The Well" to a crowd of Americans who begin to enthusiastically clap and sing along with the chorus:

"Throw the Jew down the well, so my country can be free."
"You must grab him by his horns, then we have a big party."

I don't understand Antisemitism. Maybe someone can give me a good, logical argument to hate the Jewish people, but at this moment I don't get it.  I get why Arabs and Muslims hate Jews. That's easy.  But why would white or black Americans hate Jews?  Jews are Caucasians.  Sure, they killed Jesus, a Jew himself, but Westerners don't hold those kind of grudges for years like other ancient cultures do, and I sure wasn't taught Antisemitism in the churches I've attended.

I love that Borat scene, and the song itself from a musician's perspective, and it has always gnawed at me. I love that Sacha Baron Cohen is Jewish and exposes this kind of incipient hate.  There was one episode in the TV version of Borat when he goes to a Texas exotic animal hunting ranch where the septuagenarian rancher essentially agrees it would fun to hunt down and kill Jews on his ranch, if that sort of thing were allowed in the US.

The main underpinnings I can come up with for most of this Antisemitic hate among white America is simply ingrained ignorance coming from several millennia of anti-Jew hatred. It's almost hereditary, these early-learned racism memes.

There is almost nothing more evil in the world than racism and ethnocentrism; I'd rank torture, rape, and murder just above it.

So, we decided to rewrite Borat's "In Our Country There is Problem" to address the root cause of major problems in the Western world today: Progressivism.

Progressivism and its closely associated incarnations Socialism, Communism, and Liberalism are racist, totalitarian ideologies threatening to crush human liberty.  They hate Israeli Jews, suppress blacks, and use minorities and useful idiots to undermine the only real form of self-government which was methodically formed for the very purpose of protecting the inherent rights of individual humans.

There are a lot of misconceptions of what the Tea Party really is, and we want this song to help clear things up a little.  The Conservative movement is in the midst of schism, and if we want to preserve America, it is time to change the way we think about America.  We Conservatives and Libertarians have got to make our tent big and show who the really tolerant among us are; it's certainly not the modern Progressive movement.

In my opinion, Social Conservatives need to realize things have changed in America--and many of you have.  They need to embrace this change, and by embracing it, I think they'll have a lot more success in achieving their goals in the long run, including helping guide America and America's leaders on the ethical and moral paths required among a Republic's citizen leadership.

So, here is our rewrite of the song. Lyrics follow. Like our other videos, the themes and images go by quickly; listen first then go back and hit pause as needed. Stay tuned at the end of the song for a neat outro and a few more thoughts on the what the Tea Party is and needs to be.


"In Our Country There is Problem" by Peetey S. Dee and the Inhuman $hields 
©2014 (Original music and Lyrics by Borat

Verse 1
In my country there is problem,                                                
And the problem’s plain to see.                                                
It’s infected with Progressives,                                                
Transforming my country.                                                       

Chorus 1
Throw Progressives down the well,                                         
So my country can be free.                                        
We must wake up the sleepy,                                                         
And restore our liberty.                                                           

Verse 2
In our country there is problem,                                                               
And that problem is The Left.                                                    
They take everybody’s money,                                                 
They never give it back.                                                               
Chorus 2
Throw the Left down the well,
So our country can be free.
You must grab them buy their horns,
And we’ll have a Tea Party.

Verse 3
If you see these Fascists coming,
You must be careful of their reach.
They will try to take your rights,
But I will tell you what to do.

Chorus 3
Throw Progressives down the well,
So our country can be free.
Throw Socialists down the well,
And we’ll have a Tea Party. 

Verse 4
In our country there is problem,
And that problem is called race.
Liberals use it as a weapon,
To mobilize their base.

Verse 5
They divide us into classes,
to provoke a culture war.
A country so divided
will never be united.

Chorus 4
Throw Progressives down the well,
So our country will be free.
Throw the racists down the well.
And we’ll have a Tea Party.

Verse 6
In our country there is problem,
But that problem’s not the Jew.
And if you think it is,
Then we will pee on you.

Chorus 5
Raise the Jew from the well,
So our country can be free.
Help the Jew in Israel,
For a kosher Tea Party.

Verse 7
In our county there is problem.
But that problem’s not the gay.
And if you think it is,
Then screw you anyway.

Chorus 6
Pull the gay from the well,
So our country can be free.
Pull the gay from the well,
For a catered Tea Party.

Verse 8
In our county there is problem.
But that problem’s not the rich
And if you think it is,
Then you’re a sunny bitch.

Verse 9
In our country there is problem,
And that problem is the tea.
We are Taxed Enough Already,
So let’s have a TEA Party.

Chorus 7
Throw Progressives down the well,
So our country can be free.
Throw the Marxists down the well,
And we’ll have a Tea Party.

Chorus 8
Throw Progressives down the well,
So our country will be free
Throw the bigots down the well,
And we’ll have a Tea Party.

Throw the Statists down the well, (Borat “you will never get this”)
Throw the Socialists down the well, (Borat “Lalalalala")
Throw the Liberals down the well, (Borat “you will never get this")
Throw the Fascists down the well, (Borat “Lalalalala")
Throw the Progressives down the well, (Borat “you will never get this”)
Throw the Commies down the well, (Borat “Lalalalala”)


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Have you ever been to the Ace of Spades HQ blog?

Have you ever been to the Ace of Spades HQ blog? You probably have. It's won the best conservative blog at CPAC for the past 39 years or so.  Earlier this year, Ace started to do a podcast, and has had some really sweet guests on.  We wrote this song as potential theme for the podcast; just something thrown together over a few weekends.  At the time, Ace was using Godzilla's adversary King Ghidorah as his Twitter avi (@AceofSpadesHQ), so I developed a video theme around that.

I'm an Ace fanboi.

Why is that?  Well, simply, Ace is not a social conservative, nor am I. I had been personally exasperated by the Left's monolithic characterization of the Right as religious, anti-science conservatives--and they were exceptionally effective at making the GOP seem overly Christian and fringe.  That tactic worked so well, that when the Tea Party spontaneously arose, the Left instantly tried to paint them exactly as they had the Religious Right, and it's worked, unfortunately, even though the Tea Party base are Constitutional Originalists first and foremost.  I'm Tea Party, a Libertarian, and a Constitutional Originalist.  To me, religion is personal, it's not to be something to be used to created political planks. The Left knows overbearing religion turns voters off to the GOP, so they play it to the max.  Think Todd Akin.

Like Ace, I am a non-militant atheist/agnostic who values religious freedom as much as breathing oxygen.  I joined the military to defend our Constitution and vowed to give my life to protect the rights it guarantees to religious freedom (and all its freedoms), and I'm happy to celebrate the love of God Christians have, and believe Christianity is a wonderfully powerful force in our country's founding.  Militant atheists piss me off, and if you follow me on Twitter, you'll see I have NO patience for their anti-Constitutional jihad on Christians (although I am amused with their confusion about Islam versus militant Islamism).

And by the way, the Ace of Spades HQ blog is not just Ace--there are a dozen or so exceptionally talented co-bloggers who assist him, and hundreds of Morons and Moronette commentors participating. It's a fun community of co-minded patriots. I read it every day.

I found a political home when I found the Ace of Spades blog, and this is our Peter S. Dee and the Inhuman $hields tribute to it.  This video is fast paced and has lots of hidden messages. I expect you to hit pause often. Enjoy.

Logical Fallacies and Rhetorical Arguments Explained Simply.

There are two general types of argumentation: logical and rhetorical.  Conservatives typically argue logically, where Progressives argue from emotional rhetoric.  Here is a handy sheet of logical fallacies. Note: these are not at all useful in arguing with Liberals, because Liberals simply don't think logically.  These are useful, though, in convincing moderates that Liberal rhetorical arguments are flawed, and ensuring you are on the right track internally.  Using these against #Proglodytes just confuses and pisses them off, which can be really fun, though, because they think they might be important but aren't sure why.  This guide came from an excellent site I encourage you to study and visit often, Your Logical Fallacy Is? 

You must always keep in mind there are no rhetorical fallacies. Anything goes, including, or especially, lying. Accordingly, logical fallacies like Ad Hominem, Strawman, Appeal to Authority, etc., are in fact, de facto misused as legitimate rhetorical arguments by our Proglodyte foes. 

#GodwinsLaw Corollary: #TheReidAct as a Counter to Koch Brothers Hitler-like Demonization.

I'm sure you all enjoy the Koch Brother's being the Left's mega-evil boogey men.  It's gotten so unhinged that there are really serious, dangerous loons now connecting Hitler to Bush to the Kochs via convoluted logic to some oil deals dating back to the 1930s.

Last night @MrGeology (BanCollectivism) and me (The Awesome @PeeteySDee) interacted with one such loon (  He was pushing this insane flow chart connecting Koch's to Nazis with the Bushes and Rove and Arnold... it's simply Glenn Beckish in scope, although I'd argue Beck's research certainly has more credibility and robustness behind it. 

It made me realize that Godwin's Law has grown beyond just Hitlerian invocation into an argument. With Harry Reid's incessant railing of them on the Senate floor about the Koch's, the Left has totally taken on the Koch's as a modern Hitler surrogate.

So, I created what I'm calling a Godwin's Law corollary called the #TheReidAct (but I'm open to a better name).  

Simply, it is Godwin's Law, but applied to the Koch's instead of Hitler, which they are "clearly" tied to by history, based on this flow chart, right?

Godwin's Law simply stated is (from Godwin's Law on Wikipedia): As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches—​that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or Nazism."

More on it's usage:

Godwin's law applies especially to inappropriate, inordinate, or hyperbolic comparisons of other situations (or one's opponent) with Nazis – often referred to as "playing the Hitler card". The law and its corollaries would not apply to discussions covering known mainstays of Nazi Germany such as genocideeugenics, or racial superiority, nor, more debatably, to a discussion of other totalitarian regimes or ideologies, if that was the explicit topic of conversation, because a Nazi comparison in those circumstances may be appropriate, in effect committing the fallacist's fallacy. Whether it applies to humorous use or references to oneself is open to interpretation, because this would not be a fallacious attack against a debate opponent.

Please remember Godwin's Law and the #TheReidAct when thinking about Progressive arguments about this kind of stuff. We have got to continually humiliate and mercilessly mock these people and their ideas for the idiots they truly are. For more information on "dealing with the brainwashed," check out Jim Goad's article from Takimag. It's got electrolytes.