Thursday, October 30, 2014

Logical Fallacies and Rhetorical Arguments Explained Simply.

There are two general types of argumentation: logical and rhetorical.  Conservatives typically argue logically, where Progressives argue from emotional rhetoric.  Here is a handy sheet of logical fallacies. Note: these are not at all useful in arguing with Liberals, because Liberals simply don't think logically.  These are useful, though, in convincing moderates that Liberal rhetorical arguments are flawed, and ensuring you are on the right track internally.  Using these against #Proglodytes just confuses and pisses them off, which can be really fun, though, because they think they might be important but aren't sure why.  This guide came from an excellent site I encourage you to study and visit often, Your Logical Fallacy Is? 

You must always keep in mind there are no rhetorical fallacies. Anything goes, including, or especially, lying. Accordingly, logical fallacies like Ad Hominem, Strawman, Appeal to Authority, etc., are in fact, de facto misused as legitimate rhetorical arguments by our Proglodyte foes. 

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