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#ProfilesInTweepage Number One: @PeeteySDee (Pt.One)

Profiles in Tweepage is a new series here at the Letters From My Good Friend Peter S. Dee Blog.  But then, nearly everything is new here.  The idea is simple. Interview Tweeps I follow and find interesting; chances are you will too, even if you're a douchebag #Progressive bent on destroying America because you're too much of a pussy to emigrate somewhere more amenable for you.  I'll also highlight some of their very best Tweets.  Most I speak with are normal Americans with a story, and everyone has a story.  I'm only going to select the best to profile.

First up is me, of course.  I wouldn't ask Tweeps to do something I wouldn't do myself.  This will be updated in parts.

I'll ask myself some questions and then highlight some of the Tweets I consider some of the best of. 

#TRIGGERWARNING for psychological nudity, NSFW, and NC17.


1. Inquisitor (@PeeteySDee): So, Peetey, why Twitter? I see your account opened in July of 2010.  Why do you do it? 

@PeeteySDee: I didn't get Twitter.  I was on Facebook which seemed pretty cool.  It seemed, based on peripheral friend chatter that Twitter was a place for kids to chat via smartphone.  I did the chat room stuff on AOL in the mid-90's naked in front of a Compaq PC, and I wasted a lot of time doing it.  Kinda, wasted. I mean there is a lot of peer-reviewed research that says regular orgasms prevent prostate cancer, so we'll see. Funny thing was, back then it took 3-5 minutes for one jpg to down load, so it had better be a good photo.

I'll be honest, I'm not sure what I was doing in July 2010 which would make me join Twitter.  I was deployed to Iraq at the time, and I certainly had no time to Tweet.  Since then, I've got almost 20,000 Tweets, which is, like, I dunno, 11 or so Tweets per day. But I was't really active on it until after Andrew died in March 2012, so those numbers are deceptive.

Inquisitor (@PeeteySDee):  Do you mean Andrew Breitbart?

@PeeteySDee: Yes.

Inquisitor (@PeeteySDee): Pourquoi did Andrew matter so much to vous vis a vis la Twitter?

@PeeteySDee: Well, it's funny you ask, and it's funny you mix French and Latin and English in that question.  I knew and appreciated who Andrew was before he died in March 2012, but I didn't really know who he was, if you get me--how important he was, that is.  In the few days after he died I watched nearly every single YouTube video of him speaking or antagonizing The Left.  Not long after he died, I downloaded the audio version of his book "Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!"

In that book, Andrew explained why Twitter was important to him in fighting the Culture War.  Interestingly enough, it opened my mind enough to use Twitter for other purposes, which included marketing, research, and keeping up on news in real time, or stuff for my regular job(s).  And then Twitter went public on the NASDAQ.  Twitter is legit, and it's going to be important for a long time. Twitter is the The Drudge Report 1995, but on crack steroids... or as the kids call it nowhere, "steroids on crack."

Smoking Hot Asian MILF Michelle Malkin started a website based off Twitter called "Twitchy," which is a sweet, but not perfect, repository for Twitter silliness.  Anthony Wiener showed his dick on Twitter, leading to his downfall, and what thousands of other regular, stupid people have unintelligently posted on Twitter have led to a ton of career changes--all in 140 characters or less.  At this point, Twitter is too big too fail, although I suspect Net Neutrality would kill it and make the Internet so boring as to be Atari 2600ish... today, but not in the 70's when we spent hours playing Adventure, which is actually still really sweet to play, kinda, for five minutes or so.

Inquisitor (@PeeteySDee): What was your first Tweet?

@PeeteySdee:  I don't remember and don't have the inclination to go see, but I but it was something stupid like "Hi." or "Test," or "This is my first Tweet."

I kinda want to talk about what happened somewhat recently, actually.  It's really illustrative of who I am on Twitter and what I'm trying to do there. My faith in people on Twitter was ultimately re-enforced as a few folks who didn't previously follow me stood up under a "less-than-withering" assault by one @stonewall_77.

I said some something to generate a point, and this Conservative reactionary instantly insulted me.  Unfortunately, Twitter is a refuge for some really scary people.  Its what makes it fun, also. because everyone plays on Twitter, so you can be forewarned. They do walk among us in real life, and they even write books.

Those who really bother me though, are the ones #TheLeft would call #RWNJs. They do nothing beneficial to help us win the Culture War.  You know the type--the kind where you think, "these are the crazy #Conservatives who create all the bad press, conspiracy theories, and none of the solutions."

The Todd Akins of the world, as one good example.

One Tweep I follow (and, who you should too, is Ban Collectivism (@mrgeology).  He Tweeted this one night, and I RT'd when I saw it Friday.

I must have seen it on @GOPMaryinCA's timeline, but she has since deleted her breathlessly Tweeting something like "Reagan is the greatest president, ever," which prompted me to respond with something that to me is relatively an uncontroversial thought, and it is this:

You'd have thought I just twisted a kitten's neck off, because here came the reactionary #RWNJs:

Instead of critically evaluating the Tweet, and having a discussion--asking why I might say this--Lee Jackson shuts his mind and immediately insults me.  Amazingly, he is able to discern "baseless reasoning" and "profound lack of logic" from what is actually nothing but a very simple assertion I assert.  The man's a genius!

What followed was ugly, and I said a lot of things I'm not proud of, but I didn't delete anything.  I was blocked by both reactionary @Stonewall_77 and the mindless Conservative reactionary parrot @GOPMaryinCA.

To MaryBeth's (@drchich2001) credit, she is clearly a level-headed critical thinker, and remained talking with me even while I was angrily ranting--in her direction.  She helped calm me down and by the end we became Twitter friends.  I even invited her to stay at our house when she comes to visit Gettysburg someday.

You can read all that exchange here:

You can follow some of the better conversations here; it's just too long to repost it its entirety.

I'd like to address Lee Jackson for a moment, the reactionary coward who is nothing at all like his name's sake, Stonewall. Seriously, this dude's Twitter handle couldn't be more inappropriate. He dishonors both great American West Point Generals Lee and Jackson simultaneously.  

You can read the rest of here, where I pick up another open-minded friend, in addition to my insanely attractive Canadian defender Rush 2112 fan MLP (@MARYLOU2112), and that would be Latin-speaker Texan ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ #Benghazi (@emaleroland):

Evidently Lee Jackson is some sort of an author, so, of course, he's going to find himself incredibly intelligent and self-important. He's like a Conservative Philosopher King Wannabe; his promotional autobiographies drip with douche-baggery. I encourage you to read them, but have a vomit bag nearby.

I know his type well by serving with so many of them. He was the officer no one liked, but is tolerated as a self-important asshole, and a self-important West-Pointer, at that.  I'm embarrassed that critical thinking isn't a skill West Point teaches, but man, Lee Jackson sure has a pretty way with fiction, "bringing the heat" to The Cold War and such.  That he was never fragged is testament to the discipline of the American soldier--or that he never really served in any important roles.  I bet the Afghanis and Iraqis loved his advice and visits, also as an American DoD civilian adviser.

Inquisitor (@PeeteySDee): So what point did you want to make with that Tweet that caused all this nastiness among people who you'd think would normally get along?

@PeeteySDee: Well, no. your premise is wrong. It's well established people among the same sort of ingroup are often more hostile to one-another.  What is interesting, though, is that Lee Jackson and that Mary parrot from CA assumed I was not part of their tribe simply because I spoke heresy to their closed RWNJ minds.

When I was in 4th Grade, I wrote President Reagan a letter backing his plans for Minuteman and MX missile deployment in Europe, as well as support for SDI and the B-1 Lancer.  My dad was a Democrat, so I wasn't getting this "stuff" from him.

I named my first-born child after Reagan.

I don't know how you get any more Reaganite than I--other than being Ronald Reagan, cause neither of his kids ain't it, although I guess Michael isn't too bad.

My previous cover, before the #Radagast2016 for President campaign flyer was Reagan riding a giant velociraptor:

So, yes, I get kinda of pissed off when supposed tolerant and erudite Conservatives insult me without considering my point of view. 

My point in saying Obama might end up bring "greater" than Reagan is simply this: President Obama has done some amazingly "great" damage to the concept of America and Americanism, possibly greater damage than the Greatness Reagan was able to restore to America in the 1980's.  The scandals, the complicity of the press... Obamacare.  

All of it is rather stunning.

That's it.  That was the point I was making.  Ironically, Lee Jackson feels the same way, in the sense he believes our country is under assault, as do I.  It's a shame he's such a dick.

--Here Endeth Part One--

If you have questions you'd like to ask @PeeteySDee for Part Two, email them to

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