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#ProfilesinTweepage Number One: The @PeeteySDee Interview (Part Two)

Profiles in Tweepage is a new series here at the Letters From My Good Friend Peter S. Dee Blog.  But then, nearly everything is new here.  The idea is simple. Interview Tweeps I follow and find interesting; chances are you will too, maybe even if you're a douchebag #Progressive bent on destroying America because you're too much of a pussy to emigrate somewhere more amenable to you.  I'll also highlight some of their very best Tweets.  Most I speak with are normal Americans with a story, and everyone has a story.  I'm only going to select the best to profile.

First up is me, of course.  I wouldn't ask Tweeps to do something I wouldn't do myself.  This will be updated in parts.  This is Part Two. You can read Part One here.

I'll ask myself some questions and then highlight some of the Tweets I consider the best of. 

#TRIGGERWARNING for psychological nudity, some borderline NSFW, and definitely a little NC17.

Here is my current Twitter homepage, with the #Radagast2016 campaign flyer background.


Question 2. Inquisitor (@PeeteySDee): So, we have some questions from a few of your followers.  You only have a few Tweeples, so it's quite amazing you got any questions at all.

@PeeteySDee: Jesus only had 12 disciples.

Inquisitor (@PeeteySDee): I'll ignore that comment.  How did you come by your Twitter handle?

@PeeteySDee:  It's funny you ask. Peetey is a nickname of Peter.  S is an abbreviation for my middle name, short for is Samwise, which is almost everyone's middle name after 1940. My mom was a huge Tolkien fan, not that it means anything.  And, Dee is a surname.  There are several of us "Peter Dees" out there. Little known counter-factual speculation, but I might even be related to the late DJ Rick Dees.  Like REALLY, REALLY closely related.  You know, the kinda the same way Ronan Farrow is the bastard child of Frank Sinatra, but with a different sperm and an egg.

So, it seemed like a good fit, and besides it's part of the name of my band, Peetey S Dee and the Inhuman $hields.

Inquisitor (@PeeteySDee): I just checked. Rick Dees is still alive--he's only 64. He even has a website

@PeeteySDee: That's really great to hear!  Ummm, next question?

Question 3. Inquisitor (@PeeteySDee):  What significance does your Twitter avi have?

@PeeteySDee:  I'm a South Park Conservative.  Yeah, there was 2005 book by Brian 
Anderson called South Park Conservatives: The Revolt Against Liberal Media Bias that I never read. It got three and half stars, so I'm probably not going to read it.  Plus, it's 10 years old, and there has been a whole decade of brilliant South Park not covered in the book, which I think, covered just one chapter anyway.

South Park is my favorite TV show, but many Social Conservatives would never watch it. In fact in, it the mid-1990's even I wouldn't watch it because I thought it was subversive and nasty, and it was the same way I felt about MTV's Beavis and Butthead. I hated MTV. I grew up when MTV launched, and it was BRILLIANT.  Then, many years later, it became a #Progressive hate machine and truly subversive.  But, I digress.  The Beavis and Butthead creator, Mike Judge also created Office Space, #Idiocracy, and King of the Hill.  He's also got a strong Libertarian bent. Here is RWNJ Alex Jones' videotaping of an excellent Mike Judge interview.  Interesting the South Park creators admitted to being inspired by Mike Judge.

As I was saying, I became, and keep becoming, more tolerant as I grow older.  I became a true critical thinker: intellectually honest, humble (don't snicker), and increasingly curious, among other typical traits of a critical thinker.  I'll write a blog post someday soon on critical thinking and what it really means.  I've taught it as a course for soldiers.  About the only thing what #Progressives and most #RWNJ have in common is a lack of critical thinking skills--and tolerance, and that they are closer together politically than they would be with someone like me, who is to the right of both of them, in Libertarian (i.e., personal liberty ala Locke) land. 

For example, a SoCon like Todd Akin or Mike Huckbee would be happy to use the government levers of power to enforce morality--which they think can only come from a higher moral authority.  I'm very cool with God and the Bible being sources of morality, but in the absence of God and the Bible, morality still exists.  

I recognize that for many, their moral compass is broken, and their only hope is finding morality in organized religion.  In fact, I Tweeted this out recently for that very reason.

I started watching South Park only recently after it was first aired. A lot, in addition to my other 98/100 interests. I started observing the philosophy of the script writers seemed to match closely with my own.  One benefit of not being socially conservative is that we get to enjoy prurient things a lot more than do SoCons.  For what it's worth, I don't know much about South Park creators (and Team America: World Police) Trey Parker and Matt Stone.  Dont do the

Regarding my Twitter avi, though, the South Park website has a place where you can design your own avatar.  Mine looks incredibly just like me.  It's designed to be an Obamacare Navigator who roams the restrooms of elementary and middle schools, helping children explore safe sex education with his (in a gender non-normative pronouny sort of way) trusty banana and bag of free condoms. 

And it looks messed up, right?  It's designed to confuse--The Left primarily.  If you're a #SoCon, though, it's going to look like I'm gay or something, and someone to immediately block or hate on, like Lee Jackson (btw, I just realized there are a ton of Jackson Lees, including Sheila Jackson-Lee), who was paid a lot of money to be a DoD representative of America advising foreign cultures on security. I shake my head. But anyway...

Here's the deal. 

This is how we Conservatives win the #CultureWar: We take that which the enemy uses against us, and use it as a strength.  It's like the AFC North Pittsburgh Steelers trading for quasi-felon linebacker (in his prime) Ray Lewis. Addition by subtraction... and addition by addition simultaneously.

What do they use against us?  The #SoConNarrative.

Which is why we're not likely to win the Culture War in this way.  You can't make enough SoCons become cool very quickly. They kinda have to die off.

Here is an excellent example of the SoCon Narrative from the 2012 Presidential Election cycle:

What was likewise great (for the #Progressive SoCon Narrative) is that about this time Todd Akin made his famous "legitimate rape" gaffe, and some other idiot did something... oh, right, Richard Mourdock's "God intended rape" gaffe.  Top this off with stiff Mormon Mitt Romney... you've got "Republicans are going to ban your tampons and chain y'all women back in the menstruation sequestration chambers."

It was so bad, it looked very much to us Tea Party folks like the epic Lonestar-Dark Helmet battle from Space Balls where evil wins because good is stupid:

This false #SoCon narrative has become ingrained into the American political psyche, even though it is largely a myth, like most conventional wisdom.  But for that very reason, it is a nearly intractable problem to solve. You can't fight it. You don't control the narrative nor the media through which is swims, to paraphrase Chairman Mao:"The guerrilla must swim in the people as the fish swims in the sea." This a American Progressive insurgency well under way.

Fortunately, the Democrats are in denial right now about their brand.  They re-elected Pelosi and Reid in the Congress, and no one in the #Liberal media is taking an honest look at WTF just happened to us in the 2014 midterms.

If we Conservatives draft the right Conservative candidate for 2016, we should crush the hell out out #Progressivism again while they are down.  We need to keep our jack-booted heels on their throats and press hard until they stop moving.

Question 4. Inquisitor (@PeeteySDee):  How do you handle Twitter Trolls?

@PeeteySDee: I'm not going to give away my exact secrets, but here are some examples.

The second I recognize a Twitter troll has pooped in my time line, I think of this beautiful song:

And then I kick.

I Tweeted this out one day, and was immediately attacked by several atheist militants trolling the #atheists hashtag, bent on putting a jihad on a socially conservative Christian. Instead, they trolled me, an atheist.  Some of these accounts, like Skeptic Teapot (@steapot) do nothing but troll for Christians to attack as their raison d'etre.  
Here was one troll's response:
And speaking of smug atheists speaking smugly (to my good friend chicken milker @DoreenHDickson):
Here's another fun troll coming after me out of the blue after the 2014 midterms.
I typically kick once hard with extremely naughty, intelligent language, and then block--although in researching my Tweets for this post, I may change my tactics.*  I usually do Twitter to have a good time, not get into fights with trolls. But, as you saw from my last blog post, people from my "tribe" tend to get me a lot more upset--they almost always block me first.  And what is more interesting, from that particular exchange over Lee Jackson's peckerheadedness, I gained three friends. 

You're not going to gain many fighting with a rage-filled #Progressive monster... or its near equivalent, the rage-filled #RWNJ who often Tweet in ALL CAPS, which (#ProTip) only never makes you look crazy.  Or maybe you will. @MrGeology is amazing in his stamina and ability to go round after round with #Liberals on Twitter; I hope he agrees to let me profile him soon.

Here's another classic example of my troll punching from the time President Obama saluted with a soy latte in his hand.

Yep. This is me.

I think you are starting to see what and who I am, or who I can be to my enemies.  And, you may or may not like me very much, especially if you're a "Conservative."  Do you like to listen to Michael Savage and Alex Jones?  Well, you may night like me very much, either. My favorite talk show dudes are Mark Levin, followed by Rush Limbaugh. Do you Tweet in ALL FREAKING CAPS? Ditto.

Why don't I like Savage and Jones? Cause they're waaay less intellectual than most. Savage with the PhD?  Please.  They are both nihilistic self-promoters. They are really scary. And scary can be good when they government becomes tyrannical, because guess who is getting shot first?  Well, it's not me. They are 'tarded next to real Conservative rising and risen smarties like Mark Steyn, Jonah Goldberg (who RTs my clever Tweets), Jim Goad, Greg Gutfeld, James Delingpole, Mollie Hemingway, and of course, the might Ace of Spades HQ and others. Go find them.  They may or may not be first to get shot, but they have smaller audiences, so I'm guessing second, which still gives me some time to escape to Texas.

I wish Mark Steyn had his own show so I could sit back bare-naked all day listening to it, allowing his voice to make air waves all over my body (really, I'm not gay--this is all part my shtick).  It's a self-running joke that I call Mark "The Dreamy @MarkSteynOnline(TM)"... and it's also a self-running joke I call @SallyKohn "The Handsome Sally Kohn."  And It's probably why Mark Steyn never retweets me.  And, that makes me sad. 

Come on, Dreamy @MarkSteynOnline. RT me.

I tolerate Glenn Beck in third, until he becomes preachy. I suspended my TV provider for the winter and have no TV and I only subscribe to his The Blaze TV for news (and I listen to XM Fox and local NPR). I get my MSM from their websites, and I never watch @MSNBC, except in highights.

I'm probably more conservative than you are politically, except for Savage and Jones fans, and I'm talking to you folks, but also to the Christian Social Conservatives, the #SoCons. 

Just being a Christian doesn't make you a Right Winger, but if you religiously (pun intended) listen to Savage and Jones and agree with them always, you're automatically in the club.  Quite incidentally, being a #Racist doesn't make you a right winger, it makes you a #Progressive.

Many #RINOs court the Christian right successfully, like Huckabee, or as my #SexKitten, and possible #Radagast2016 VP running mate Megyn Kelly says:

When @PeeteySDee goes to #WAAR with The Left (and The RWNJ, if necessary), he goes to war with him having already having taken away most of their weapons (but they don't know it yet, and they will), because they fight successfully enough on most battlefields with the #SoConNarrative, and fight rhetorically as I talked about in this post.  Neither Truth nor Logic does not matter. You must fight dirty like they do... using their Alinsky Rules, and our own Goad's Rules by mocking them mercilessly, while also fighting logically like they do not do, simultaneously.

For me (and folks like Ace from the Ace of Spades HQ), they hate those like "me:"
  • They can't get me on being illiterate on #Science, because I'm a scientist. Most Liberals aren't really well versed in science, by the way, and we can spend several days talking about their own stupidity.
      • Think, for a moment about the Liberal work ethic. Riiiiight... Psychology, Journalism, and History look like really good majors to The Left. The Liberal avoids math-laden STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), or in other words, courses which truly cause one to integrate theory and practice, and discover where theory fails when practiced.  Or, you can read, like I did in the mid-1990's in college, the stunningly wise Latina feminsit queer Gloria E. Anzaldúa's "Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza," where she talks, mostly of course, about her vagina... and spend hours discussing the metaphysically hidden interpretations of what she really meant.  There is no practicality there.
        Only Liberals who are compelled and gifted pursue STEM. It's a minority. I know you want to argue with me on this, but I'll win. It's my life; I live it. I'm talking real STEM, people. Your MAs and BAs in science do not count as STEM. You are not scientists, and many MS now don't even require an MS Thesis!  Guess what?  NOT a scientist unless you've got practical science work; I'll give you a pass on a publication whore.  That's all crap any way, if you follow my #Science tweets.

        I encounter very few Liberal scientists and technicians where I work. It's hard work, and meaningful.
  • They can't get me on being a #Science denying #Christian, because I'm not a Christian. I'm at best an agnostic. (I'll cover this soon in that Evolution thread I promised a few weeks ago, I promise again.)
  • They can't get me on clinging to my mythological religion, because I have none, and am not a militant atheist anxious to put a jihad on your ass.
  • Progressives can't pretend I'm a prude, because I'm not, and I think that's pretty clear to see.  When they engage me I speak their language whether I approve or not: cuckold, gloryhole, snowball, rusty trombone, salad tossing--words many people have never heard, because they read the old dictionaries, not the new ones.
    Evidently Pennsylvania's Governor Corbett also makes us collect our urine in order to make the Koch Brothers young or something, so I 'spose I'll be happy when Tom Fox replaces this urine tax with with an income tax. At least that;s what the +rLOLGOP (@LOLGOP) says is in our  future:
  • They can't get me on being racist, because this is my Smoking Hot Asian Wife(TM) pictured below, and nope, she doesn't have a penis. We all realize #Progressives hate Asians because they blow the curve and can't be used as a victim class in the #CultureWar.  Harvard, and nearly every single university in America, has been discriminating against them for years on admissions; just Google it and "racial quotas."

Smoking Hot Asian Wife(TM) in Hunting Clothes, scratching the top of a finely crafted Nazi-mobile.
Of course your typical #Progressive or #RWNJ would say, "Dude, of course you're going to say nice things about your nasty yellow wife cause that's where your thing goes," and then they ask, "so is her thing, like side ways and stuff?"  Well, duh. That's in part why she's has ruined all other women for me.

Nope, I'm a new breed of Conservative. I'm at the tail end of Gen X (one without Baby-Boomer parents), and have a much in common with Millennials who did not grow up with Reagan as a role model President. Many millennials have a strong Libertarian streak, and I'm not sure why, but I suspect is has to do with human nature.

So the bottom line for you SocialConservatives is this: We not-you's, the #SouthParkRepublicans are your future, or you will alienate several more generations of children. You'll be extinct and a people with no political power. Religion is becoming less important in Americans lives (matching a global trend, except in Islamic countries--yippee).

Do you want to know how to relate?  You use the soft sell. Very soft.

You do not do this well, but some churches and many Christians are starting to get it.

Have you seen all the churches for sale, though? I have, and it's sad.

Question 5. Inquisitor (@PeeteySDee):  You don't seem like a scientist.

@PeeteySDee: That's not really a question, but I'll answer it like it was.  I'm kind of like the more sexy Dr. Peter Venkman of scientists.  In fact, Dr. Venkman had a huge influence on my young life.  He didn't use those big sciency words, but you knew that he knew them. At least once.

And when he said, "Back off, man. I'm a scientist."?  

Power. Dem's bitch slapping words.

Notice how I made sure I used the honorific abbreviation for "Doctor?"

Damn right you did.

Back then being a scientist meant something. Today, they're either carnival barkers or government shills for Progressive policies like #GlobalChange, or whatever it's called this week. I suspect it has a lot to do with #IdiocracyRising in America. Americans are just dumberer.

Those aren't scientists, no matter how smart they actually are, and both men are brilliant, for what it's worth. They are just wrong, and they either don't know science or have abandoned it as a way of life long ago. 

I have not abandoned science; and I've not abandoned the US Constitution.

Inquisitor (@PeeteySDee): Speaking of smart, you claim to be a #Mensan, and yet you don't seem all that smart or nerdy. And your blog posts have a ton of shitty grammar and bad errors.

@PeeteySDee: Oh, I'm nerdy. I bet a lot of the female nerds who have gotten this far are dripping wet.  I'm also not #GamerGate nerdy. When that blew up, I had no freaking idea WTF was going on. But #ComiCon, #SteamPunk?  I'd be all #cosplay over that shit.  Come on, Radagast the Brown didn't choose me as campaign manager for Radagast the Brown for President 2016, or #Radagast2016 for nothing.

But I'll admit, I'm more like the Rain Man of Mensans.

When I joined Mensa in the early 1990's, there was no common Internet, so we would get together via snail mail and telephone at like various restaurants and just eat and talk smack on stupid people.  I never paid my Mensa fees after college, when the non-student fees kicked in.

That's the free market for you. But, I was still am a Mensan because I qualified when 98% of the bell curve never could.  Mensa really doesn't seem to get the free market, but maybe they have better digital benefits (like 1990's era America OnLine has partnered with LifeLock to provide membership value) these days. I dunno, and I stopped being an active member of Mensa pretty quick

Inquisitor (@PeeteySDee): And, I see recently added Dr, like your hero Peter Venkman, to the front of your name I did you recently finish your doctoral dissertation?

@PeeteySDee: It's actually Dr. Peter Venkman, and of course I didn't just get my doctorate. I don't have free time for that crap. I'm a working class hero, you dick.  do have two Master of Science degrees, both with incredibly awesome theses which added immensely to science's foundational knowledge, but I don't have any plans to finish a legitimate doctorate, because then I'd be even deeper in debt and wouldn't get a better job because of it... in science. In Progressiville, doctorates equal promotions. 

In real science land, it means teaching. Teaching can be death, unless your mission is to indoctrinate. 

Those who who can do. Those who can't teach. Those who can do neither become PhD's in college and work for tenure, much like our representative class in Congress.

If I want to teach I can, but I can do, so I do, I don't teach, unless I have to teach, and then I do that too.

But really, my doctorate is a Twitter doctorate that anyone can get and it it looks really nice in your name. It adds a certain panache--a certain Je ne se pas--to my Tweets, don't you think?

But it doesn't mean I'm any less a scientist. But it's a cool trend I wanted to imitate. Lots of us wanna be Philosopher Kings like Jonathan Gruber are doing it. But he's got a real PhD. Sexy.

And it makes me feel dirty, FWIW, that I have that worthless lie in front of my name. Wierd, huh.

Inquisitor (@PeeteySDee): What are you doing right now?

@PeeteySDee: Publishing this post. Go rub one off.

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