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Rediscovering @EvanSayet and The Unified Field Theory of Modern #Liberalism

Over two years ago, shortly after Andrew Breitbart died, I first stumbled on to political comedian Evan Sayet, while surfing CPAC speeches on YouTube for some cathartic Conservative red meat.  I found a video of Evan speaking at a Heritage Foundation forum from March 2007.  I needed something to cheer me up, a little something to give me hope that all was not being lost, because things were growing bleak in America.  Evan's video was exactly what I needed at the time.  I had lost Breitbart, but I gained Evan Sayet in return.

Let's go back briefly to March 2007.  The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars were the major news of the day and largely unpopular thanks to constant anti-Bush and anti-war drum beating from the media and popular culture.  Every night cable and broadcast news reported the latest new approval lows for President Bush, which of course, they commissioned.

The Iraq surge strategy was just being formulated and initially implemented as a way to try to regain the initiative in Iraq that had been lost by mid-2004.  The prior 2006 mid-term elections had spectacularly ushered in a Democrat controlled Congress just two years after President George "I've got political capital to spend" Bush soundly defeated the "Swiftboated" and haughty Genghis John Kerry.  The Iraq insurgency hadn't turned real ugly yet, but it quickly would after the election.

Code Pink and other Progressive Socialist movements were recruiting and gaining in popularity as the housing bubble and economy started to show strain, and the 2008 elections were really starting to take on some importance.  It looked like a terrible political future ahead for America, and looking back it would turn out to be so, through until the 2010 mid-terms at least staunched some of the damage.

Looking back, March 2007 was the moment to me when the water was just cresting the dikes--a true political sea change was about to take place in America, and you can see just how things have gone since.

As you know, there have been dozens of books written by Conservatives about The Left and how to explain the way Leftists think.  However, very few red-blooded Conservative Americans really understand how the Hard Left thinks--it's the the whole "from Mars and Venus thing."  Very few of these hundreds of books (I'll make a list soon of ones to avoid and which to read) are any good at helping us really get into the Liberal mindset on a level where we can truly analyze the reasons why they do what they do--so we can fucking stop them before our country is absolutely irrevocably destroyed.

The most knowledgeable folks on Liberalism are reformed Liberals, and fortunately, there are several good ones.

Not just any reformed Liberal will do, though, and when I say "Liberal," I also mean Progressives and Socialists and their more extreme ilk we shan't mention.

Who gives a crap about the opinion of some unionized, middle-aged state government office worker who suddenly realizes one morning while leafing through her colorful 2014 election year AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) magazine that her union dues go to create glossy, bombastic political propaganda railing against the "enemies coming after us," or "defeating the forces of greed."

She reads a little deeper on the Internet and sees AFSCME pushing and funding only Democrat candidates (and at a 98:1 ratio to the GOP) and Progressive political action groups on issues she's suddenly becoming opposed to--or cares nothing about--as she struggles to raise her young children while the family's health care, energy, and food costs skyrocket.

"How is AFSCME helping me keep my family make ends meet?" she asks herself.

She's forced to pay these union dues at about $50 per pay and decides to switch to the "fair share" plan which limits her bargaining rights and representation, but gives her a little more money for food and gas each month.  She wryly concludes the "fair share" amount of about $19 roughly covers the cost of producing that stupid political magazine she'll continue to receive and toss in the recycling when it comes.

Granted, she's a valued convert, and stories like hers are likely common, but she can't necessarily help you or I understand Modern Liberalism.  We need to look to the hardest of the hard-core former Liberals--those who had been as opposite to Conservatives as we are to Progressives--those who at one time or another fought against Conservatism, Americanism, and capitalism, and sometimes very aggressively at that.

Among the best of these are David Horowitz, David Mamet, and Roger Simon, but let's bring back Evan Sayet for now, who even in 2012 I had never heard of, and I felt I was a rather avid Conservative junkie at that time.  Perhaps you've never heard of him either, but you really should. Here's your chance.

I won't go through his entire life history, but in short, Evan started out as a stand-up comedian and content writer for Bill Maher.  He's since been involved in other writing and producing various television shows, and wrote an influential book I'll discuss a little later.  He considered himself an extremely liberal New York City Jew until the one event that changedt changed many our lives changed irrevocably his as well: September 11, 2001. That event turned him, into his words, a 9-13 Republican.

Evan was as angry as most of us for that historic attack on the United States, and was truly perplexed that his Leftist friends weren't angry.  In fact, his friends believed the United States deserved it.  Suddenly, Evan discovered that behind all the seemingly rhetorical anti-American banter, his Liberal friends really did hate America.  And he began to struggle internally with his own Liberal beliefs in a very critical, methodological manner to try to understand and cope with several internal ethical dilemmas.

Evan began asking himself several questions like:
  1. How can one live in the freest nation in the history and only see oppression?
  2. How can one live in the least imperialistic nation and see the US as the ultimate in imperialism?
  3. How can one live in the least bigoted nation in human history and yet see racism lurk in every dark shadow (as Uncle Joe Biden once asserted)?
And so the journey went for several years.  Eventually, Evan discovered what is a nearly perfect theory to describe Modern Liberalism, which has been described as The Unified Field Theory of Modern Liberalism.  As a scientist myself, unified field theories are the Holy Grails of science.  Evolution is one such concept, since it unifies so many other Earth and Life sciences.  Evan's theories are a quantum leap forward in succinctly explaining Progressivism.

Rather than doing a deep discussion of Evan and his ideas, I think it's best if you discover them for yourself.

I'm going to quickly introduce what Evan's Unified Field Theory helps explain, and then link to the seminal March 2007 Heritage Foundation talk, which Andrew Breitbart rightly called " One of the five most important Conservative speeches ever given."  I will also link to his book, "The Kindergarden of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks."  It's so important, that I'll write a longer post soon on the book and where I think it is very strong and where it falls just short in truly being the Holy Grail we Conservatives need to fight the Culture War to preserve America.  I think Evan has the 70% solution, and in combat, a 70% solution right now is better than the 100% solution after the enemy has taken our flag.

By the way, Evan is a very friendly, down-to-earth person, a real genuinely humble and truly talented guy--and approachable.  I've personally interacted with him on Twitter several times.

Evan's Unified Theory helps explain why:
  • Modern Liberals are "as wrong as wrong can be" on literally every issue and are diametrically opposed to everything that is good, right, and successful.
  • The Modern Liberal will invariable side with evil over good and wrong over right, and engage in behaviors which lead to failure instead of success and promote vulgarity as a way to undermine American traditions.
  • Modern Liberals aren't necessarily evil or stupid; they truly think differently, but how do they think they are making a better world through their ideas?
  • Modern Liberals think they things they do.

Here is Evan's March 2007 lecture "Regurgitating the Apple--How Modern Liberals Think" from his YouTube Channel: 

Once you get done enjoying it, if you have time, check out his other more recent talks, and also consider buying his book The Kindergarden of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks, which is the "codified" reference manual for his The Unified Field Theory of Modern Liberalism. It's about $10 on Amazon. Christmas is coming up, and so is the 2016 Election. Arm yourself and your friends with knowledge.

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