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Part 2: Anti-American Micro-Aggressions and the NeoCommunist Defeat of America



In Part 1, I began to make visible the nearly invisible "million cuts," the anti-American micro-aggressions which have inexorably bled Americanism out of America.  We're talking about the Long March of Progressivism. Interestingly, I write this from within eyesight of the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library. I can see the evil emanate from that spooky gray Victorian death mansion building like Dana's apartment building in Ghostbusters.

Four Visitors Lounging Peacefully At The Top of The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library in Staunton, Virginia
I mentioned about my how my one daughter is named after Ronnie Raygun in the last post.  So, when this happened (See Twitter feed in a second, below), well, it was illustrative--and alarming--and it made me think long and deep about what is happening to America and whether we really could salvage our Republic.  

Now, many of you have heard the stories like this from either your own children or from nuts like me on TV or on the radio or other media.  But its worse that that.

Much worse.

I began thinking that for every one of me, there are at least 10 not like me, maybe 90 not like me. Because of me, this young child knew this teacher was full of shit.

And I began thinking of that teacher and how many there are like her and where she learned this sort of agitprop to regurgitate it so smoothly as adding one plus one (it's two, btw).

I'll wait for you to come back.

Our parents, ourselves, and our children have been exposed to these American micro-aggressions constantly over the past half-dozen decades, and it's accelerated over the past ten years with social media and mobile devices. It is for this reason I joined the Culture War, after reading Andew Brietbart's Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World! following his death.

Andrew called these micro-aggressions "Cultural Marxism," but I think it's better termed "#NeoCommunism"
One day, my cute little RWNJ showed me another interesting website she does research on at school called PebbleGo by Capstone Media.  On one hand, they can't Google Miley Cyrus deep-throating a blow up doll's penis (NTTIAWTT), but on the other hand, they are a captive audience to NeoCommunist indoctrination, and must use these resources, interestingly enough.

So, my dear social conservative friends, I ask you to ponder while you read this blog: Which do you prefer, protecting our children from learning about sex, or protecting our children from being politically indoctrinated? Which do you you think hurts children the most?

We got on this very topic when she (a budding scientist-minded person like her ol' pop), laughed when she told me a project she had to do for school involved researching famous scientists (I didn't make the list, amazingly enough). She wanted me to help her evaluate the information she was using, because we talk often about cognitive psychology and types of human thought biases.

Leading American scientist pondering today's vexing #Science! mysteries
I can't remember the whole list the school librarian gave her class (an advanced placement class, at that) for reference, but it included such scientific luminaries as Michelle Obama, Caesar Chavez, Abraham Lincoln, and Sitting Bull along with real scientists like Marie Curry, Al Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, et al.

Interestingly, my daughter (the homophobic RWNJ I warned you about) wanted to do her project on Alan Turing, but he didn't make the librarian's cut--and neither did Francis Bacon, John Locke, two of three men (Newton was #3) who the terribly jungle fever afflicted slave-holder Thomas Jefferson thought all Americans of his day should study. He even had/has paintings of these three in a parlor room at Monticello, along with Washington, Franklin, Lafayette, and others.  (Side note: go to Monticello before it is razed by the NAACP wing of the Progressive American Taliban. It's a testament to the intellectual heft of our Founding Fathers. Today's political class are dumber than most of Jefferson's slaves)

Predicted Idiocracy in the 1800s while spooning with (75% white) slave Sally Hemings, NTTIAWTT
So, to do research on her scientist, our young RWNJ protagonist went to one of the authorized research platforms, PebbleGo. She wanted me to look at the site to give my opinions on it, so we contrasted the biographical records for Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.

The information was broken out by Introduction, Early Life, Early Work, Life's Work, Contributions, and Related Articles.

The Introductions are pretty standard fare, I suppose, for what you might expect:

OK, I know some of you might be screaming at me: "HEY! HEY! THAT'S WRONG, THAT'S WRONG!"

Yes, yes, I know, Obama is holding the baseball bat like a girl. He's a lefty swinger or something.

"NO! NO! THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!", you scream at me.

I do tend to believe that Obama was born in Hawaii, despite the weird shenanigans behind his birth certificate. It doesn't make sense for him to have born in Kenya, because his dad probably isn't Kenyan, and it doesn't make sense he was born in Indonesia because his mom and dad lived in Hawaii.  If you've read or watched Dreams From My Real Father, you've seen compelling evidence to show that Obama's biological father is Frank Marshall Davis. If you haven't seen it, you should. It's available for free on Amazon Prime right now, as of this writing.

The morphological and behavioral similarities between Davis and Obama--and between Davis' other half-black children--are remarkable, as are the dissimilarities between Obama and his nominal father.

What difference, at this point, does it make!?

At the moment, we cannot disprove Obama's origin stories conclusively and I'm willing to wait it out until we do. It's undisputed (and largely dismissed as unimportant) that Obama was raised by Communists, though, but to call that out in a child's introduction is silly and unnecessary. Let's be real here.

So for the moment, I'll let this narrative stand and not get too upset over this part of the biography. What I want you to pay attention to is the treatment of the two Presidents.

Next up is the Early Life/Education of the two men. Why they choose different titles for the tabs for the biographies here is unknown and I don't care, they serve the same purpose.

OK, again, we can't get too caught up in the actual information behind this child-oriented information.  On the face of it, Obama's educational information is the current popular narrative, besides the strange things behind his admission qualifications, academic record, and his activities in college. Don't expect children to be taught that Obama did lots of drugs and smoked lots of gay old-man penis to get those drugs, including cocaine.  It's your job, dear parent, to tell your children about these things.

Next up, the Early Work/Work and Family of the two men. If you notice, I haven't yet had any complaints over how the two have been treated from an equality standpoint. That's because, if you notice, the information hasn't gotten political yet. Your kid hasn't been exposed to indoctrination, just common, relatively harmless narratives. Early Work is where it gets interesting. Again, the tabs are different, but I chalk that up to amateur writing and editing. This stuff was made by intern-level Google monkeys just out of college, at best. Why Obama's family got a mention and Reagan's didn't is anyone one's guess. Mine is these were written by different people in different times, or they just don't care about Reagan's kids because they're all old and shit and Obama's kids are younger and more relate-able

Did you notice what happened with Michelle and Nancy? Michelle is a lawyer, while Nancy has no career.  Nancy was an actress, of course. It's possible the Google monkey missed that fact, but most likely didn't care.  I imagine the Google monkey gushes over Michelle and may not even have been born at the time of Ronald Reagan's Presidency. I can let that slip, although it is curious.

I do want you to see the next slight, though, which certainly is intentional. The Google monkey wants you to know that while Reagan was an actor--and you all know how much Lefties love actors--he wasn't a big star like Robert Downey Jr., so don't think he has any cool factor, which is possibly why they failed to mention Nancy was an actress also, or not. I tend to not attribute to malice what is almost assuredly stupidity.

Up next, Life's Work.

In Life's Work, we see Reagan worked "hard" to improve relations with the Soviets. Sure, I guess, it you consider their defeat and collapse an improvement in relations. Kind of damning him with faint praise, right? Does one really have to work had at making friends? Kids sure don't, do they?

The rest of this stuff involves getting elected. Barack decided he could help others by working in politics, the nice man. Strange the Google monkey didn't talk about him being a community organizer.  At least Reagan was an actor AND a governor before being elected President. Obama, the Lightbringer, evidently went right into politics.

Of course, it's up to you parents to tell your kids that Obama was elected in a nasty Chicago election where his opponent's (Jack Ryan) ugly, but sealed divorce records were made public, probably by Democrat government officials and supporters of Obama, and Ryan dropped out of the race from embarrassment over his asking his smoking hot actress wife Jeri Ryan to swing with him in sex clubs.

Who could blame him? I blame her for being a prude. Just kidding. Jack Ryan was an asshole by most accounts, but he and Seven of Nine should have had gotten their fair shot at privacy.

This is a body made for swinging all night in the Borg Collective, if you ask me.

Of course, we wouldn't expect Obama's Senatorial accomplishments to get into this fine research database, after all, getting elected is accomplishment enough, right?

Onto our two President's Contributions. This should be the most important part of the biographies, because it speaks to their enduring legacies.

Reagan contribution #1: His second term expired.
Obama contribution #1: New healthcare bill that provided better care for the poor.

Reagan contribution #2: He died in 2004.
Obama contribution #2: He won a Nobel Peace Prize.

Reagan contribution #3: He was humorous and positive and people often remember he had a nickname referring to his communicating.
Obama contribution #3: He was the first black President who also inspired all people to work toward their dreams.

Look at the two photos. Reagan joking around with people, looking rather un-serious, and Obama looking very serious and Presidential and changey.

Of course me and my little RWNJ had a productive long talk using information found elsewhere on Al Gore's Amazing Internet regarding the difference between accomplishments/contributions and things that happen due to circumstances beyond one's control, like dying.  We've always had long, frequent talks about the unconstitutional, liberty killing dangers of Obamacare and we had a good laugh over the whole Nobel Peace Prize category.

Finally, for more Related Articles on the two men, let's see if you can spot any bias:

Hey, kid, for related articles on Reagan, go see the two Bushes. Because when people think of Reagan, they immediately think of Bush. I think you know what happens when you read the articles on the Bushes. Yep, more bias against Republicans.

But, wow. Obama is compared to Nelson Mandela and MLK Jr, two Progressive darlings he has absolutely nothing in common with, because the nominal Kenyan wasn't down with any race struggles like these two legitimately were.  If anything, they did pave the way for Obama, which is why Obama has taken time to cultivate the connections Soviet-style, as we've come to expect.

Of course, it's up to you, parents, to tell your kids Nelson Mandela was a Communist stooge and that MLK was a Republican killed by a Democrat segregationist and active campaign supporter of Democrat George Wallace. If you click on that link, it goes to a Salon article where Sarah Palin is gratuitously compared to Democrat racist Wallace, interestingly enough by Laura Miller, a staunch NeoCom and a co-founder of

And this is a nice segue to wrap up Part Two in a nice little bow.

Do you understand why we (America) have ultimately been beaten by Communism, and irreversibly so, by a combination punch of the pre- and post-modern Communist movements?

Gaydar alert: May Wood Simmons
One can say there were many dozen seeds sown for our destruction, and one of these was by Horace Mann and the public school system, which the American Socialist movement recognized as critical for their purposes long ago, as illustrated in this excellent 1901 International Socialist Review article "Education and Socialism," which was designed to mollify potential, inherent American opposition to the socialism movement, if I read it correctly. You have to remember socialism and Progressivism were sweeping the Western World in a new Industrial Enlightenment. The author was May Wood Simmons, an early feminist socialist matriarch.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in the fall of 2014, about 49.8 million students attended public elementary and secondary schools. Of these, 35.1 million were in prekindergarten through grade 8 and 14.7 million were in grades 9 through 12. There were 3.1 million public school teachers, for a potential of maybe around 150,000,000 anti-American micro-aggressions per day, just in public schools.

These micro-aggressions are as small as calling Michelle Obama, Ceasar Chavez, and Sitting Bull "scientists," through listing "dying" as one of Ronald Reagan's contributions to America, to telling students the 1st Amendment only protects "nice" speech.

NeoCommunism in America has finally stuck over the past ten years thanks to an explosion in mass communications enabled by a successful stealth NeoCommunist election to the White House and the apparent defeat of Communism in 1992.  It was just the Soviet-style Communism which collapsed, of course.

News of Communism's defeat and the End of History were greatly exaggerated, but we all bought into it.

Everything we were warned about since the dawn of our founding has come to pass and the illness is thoroughly ingrained in our children and our children's teachers--and all Americans writ large, for that matter--who are exposed to it at multiple echelons of society in billions and billions of anti-American micro-aggressions (including ignorance by omission) by a host of Communists and very useful idiots for over a hundred years.

There might be a more comprehensive accounting of our decline, but this is my perspective as seen as a parent through the eyes of my daughter. I submit it for the record.

You've defeated America.

Well played, Communists.

Well played.

And now an obsolete, hopeful message from our sponsor, Peter S. Dee and the Inhuman $hields, "In My Country There is Problem: Throw Progressives Down the Well."

Friday, July 17, 2015

You've Defeated America For Good, #NeoComs. Well Played.

We've lost the war against Communism.  Here is part of the story on how #NeoComs have risen to claim the "Right Side of History (TM)." Part One of Two

There is no turning back now.

I used to be optimistic about America. I'm a Reagan kid, having spent my formative childhood in the 1980's, so of course, with such a great role model, I'd love America and the dream and promise of Americanism.

What the hell happened to us?

How did we get to the point in our history where Bernie Sanders, a famously avowed "Democrat socialist," is out drawing and closing in on the polls with an un-avowed socialist, un-indicted felon, and admitted alcoholic, Hillary Clinton at campaign events?

How did we get to the point in our history where only three members of the US Supreme Court still base their decisions on what is and what is not Constitutional?

How did we come to the point where dozens of Communists and Communist-raised sympathizers got elected to serve in office and then appoint their friends to positions of power and influence which trickled down into the unaccountable Fourth Branch of Government (The Bureaucracy)?

How did we get from people like Reagan--and hell, Democrats like Zell "'I challenged Chris Mathews to a duel on television" Miller?

The reasons are well chronicled and I'll not get into all of them in detail here.  That's a book I don't have time to write right now.

In short, though, I'm talking about unfettered and un-assimilated third world immigration, social breakdown of the family and local communities, angry mob-like censorship of religion and free speech, massive State and Federal debt, and crippling government regulations, lawlessness, and overreach, to name a few off the top of my head.

The question really is: How the hell do we get out of it and back to the good old days?

We don't.

There is no going back to the idyllic notion of the America the Founding Fathers created.

It's gone.

America is lost and there is no turning back in my lifetime, nor my children's, and I suspect Skynet will wipe us all out long before their lives have run their course.  Or, better yet, the Sweet Meteor of Death (TM), will come because it will hopefully kill Skynet, too.

How do I know this is true--not the Skynet thing--but the "no going back to the old days" thing?

America is dead from a "death by a million cuts," where creeping normalcy occurred so slowly after one little, imperceptible socialist slice after one little imperceptible socialist slice that when you look back the thing being sliced has died before you can save it, or in the Chinese executionary sense of lingchi, where even the spirit of what you've killed won't find rest in the afterlife.

These slices have been occurring ever since the ink was still being blotted on the Constitution, but really accelerated in the 20th century with the complimentary philosophies of socialism, Communism, Marxism, Fascism--all synonyms, distinctions without differences, really.

Ironically, two of our greatest Republican Presidents may have more impact by themselves to the decline of America than any Progressive bastard like Wilson or even FDR.

I'll talk about Lincoln first, and very briefly.

The Union victory in the Civil War sowed the seeds for the slow, steady death of the 10th Amendment and the concept of "State's Rights."

Lincoln saved the Union and in the end created a super-powerful Federal government at the expense of State Sovereignty.  It gave the green light to increasing federalism.

It took a while, but in the wrong hands of early 20th Century Progressives, the US Federal government took on the scientific and industrial zeitgeist of a better society through planned socialism (e.g., Frankfurt School).  The mass migration of Europeans from the 1880s through 1920 certainly helped bring this social zeitgeist to America, especially on the backs and in the minds of the German and Italian immigrants.

Immigration was relatively light until the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 changed the landscape to allow immigrants from a wider pool of the world.  We had a lot of time to assimilate the mostly white European immigrants, even though to some unknowable extent they facilitated acculturation of socialist thought. 

Again, after 1965, the second and third world came to America in droves, many from socialist and communist countries and brakes on immigration remain off.  (To be fair, I've heard a lot of anecdotes from former Eastern Bloc immigrants who are terrified of what they see happening to the freedom they escaped to.)

Too boot, since the mid-1980's, there has been a tremendous influx of illegal immigration across the Southern border and also from Asian countries through visa overstays--again, from third world socialist and communist countries that do not necessarily place a premium on individual rights and limited government (i.e., Americanism).

Many pundits argue America hasn't been able to absorb this brand of unskillled, socialist-minded immigrant who tend toward modern "Democrat" ideology and public relations political pandering and demagoguery.

I really think our liberal immigration policies have played a large part in the death by a million cuts execution of America.

Those kind of cuts are readily visible, particularly when we see Mexican restaurants and mercados start to crop up in heavily white-population agriculture centers of central small-town Pennsylvania, or when an illegal immigrant who has been deported five times murders a 32 year old woman in broad daylight on a popular San Francisco street, and the President of the United States is silent on the issue.

I think injuries to Americanism from 50 years of terrible immigration policy could theoretically be fixed through assimilation over time, but only if the spigot is turned off for several generations. 

We know that is not going to happen, though, don't we?  So let's not pretend it will.

Assimilation into the American Way is also not likely to happen because of millions of cuts to America so slight they can't even be seen, except by a trained eye. I like to call them micro-aggressions (just kidding, I don't, but I will anyway).

They are a direct result of Communists and #NeoCommunists infiltrating our education system over the past 50 years at the the secondary education level where they successfully indoctrinated our primary- and secondary- grade teachers, our administrators, and those who create educational material, which is then repeated as these cycle back into higher-education to replace their mentors and soon-to-retire Old Guard (think Bill Ayers, Liz Warren, Ward Churchill, etc.).  This trend hyper-accelerated over the past 25 years because of the success of the other transformational Republican President: Ronald Reagan.

When I was a child in elementary school, as part of a class project to write the President, I wrote President Reagan a letter supporting his MX missile program and the B-1 bomber.

I named one of my children after Ronald Reagan.

I remember the day John Hinkley shot Ronald Reagan like it was yesterday, even though I was so young.

Ronald Reagan has been the only President, probably since JFK, who really inspired America and promulgated Americanism (what today is better known as Conservatism).

So what did he do that so drastically sped America's downfall?

He contributed heavily to the crushing of the Soviet Union. He usually--and rightfully--gets a lot of credit for speeding the USSR's collapse. Communists certainly contributed, though, and gave us opportunities.

From the Red Scare of the Senator McCarthy era through 1991, the world was bipolar. The Cold War occupied the waking thoughts of all Americans. The generation before mine practiced nuclear war drills and preparedness. We fought the Soviets in Korea, Vietnam, in Afghanistan, in Africa, in Cuba, and in places like Calgary and Lake Placid and in outer space.  Every Russian defector to America was another PR coup for Capitalism.  We played deadly spy games against them.  Our culture was obsessed with movies like The Hunt for Red October, Red Dawn, and Rocky IV staring The Handsome Sally Kohn (TM) as Ivan Drago. I remember walking out of Rocky IV feeling 10 feet tall and bullet proof.

A Younger, Very Handsome Sally Kohn (TM) as Ivan Drago

When the USSR fell, America breathed a huge, collective sigh of relief, the same sort of relief I'm sure was felt when we stopped Germany's socialist fascism and Japan's Imperial expansion in 1945.

Our way of live was vindicated, as was Yakov Smirnov. Communism was surely discredited as a political system and way of life.
"In Soviet Union, toilet paper wipes yoooo."

How many Yakov Smirnov toilet paper jokes did one need to hear? Not enough, sadly.

We let our guards down. 

We beat Communism! Reagan beat Communism!  

It was done, right? 

Without the Soviet benefactor, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua and all the former Soviet states would collapse in a reverse domino theory and embrace the natural order of individual liberty and freedom. Some did and some didn't, in hindsight. And backwards agrarian China, who we always made jokes about, is as powerful and as modernizing as ever. And still communist.

Our daily reason for fear was gone. The constant reminders and fears of Communist expansion where gone and suddenly--just as the USSR fell--Iraq took center stage and the birth of American hegemony and imperialism, unchecked by a bi-polar world, started to creep into the global lexicon. And then radical Islamic terrorism inspired by the USSR defeat in Afghanistan and the US retreat in Somalia took over our attention as the former USSR floundered pathetically.

Had Reagan not accelerated the USSR defeat by luring them into economic-military contests they could not win, and Communism was still the daily bug-a-boo to generations of children...

Over the past 25 years, as we've let our guard down, the American Communist sympathizers reivented themselves in Hollywood and the press and in politics and in the university.  You kids like Barrack Obama, who had been raised by Communists to hate America went out into the world to agistate without the yokes of the threat of being labeled a Communist while and the masses of third world immigrants kept coming across the border, allying with the same defeated socialists to game the system Clowered-Piven style.

These are the #NeoCommunists. 

Many are just old hidden Communists and Communist sympathizers, like Bill Ayers and David Axelrod, your "Out" Communists like Van Jones... all the ones in academia and Hollywood and in the media.  It includes the thousands of people like Barack Obama who were raised by hard core Communists like Franklin Marshal Davis. Counter culture, baby. And now #NeoComs include unknown and growing numbers of the Millennial generation and now Generation Z (Gen X and Millennial offspring), for reasons I'll show shortly. 

When the Soviets collapsed, they all laid low all demoralized-like, and went to ground for a time.

I can imagine them talking in the East Village, in Chicago, in LA, in their houses, commiserating as a group, thinking they were so discredited as a movement they'd never rise again.  But at the same time, in the mid-1990's electronic mail and Internet 1.0 came into being.  Like the Borg, they started finding each other and became self-aware and went back to work with everyone thinking the Communist threat was over.

What happened in the mid-1990's?  Oh, that's right.  The Millenials were born--a cohort who has no practical knowledge of the greatest ideological struggle since WWII, which was the US vs the USSR.

The NeoCommunists continued recruiting and organizing. They rebranded themselves Progressives, Democrats, and Liberals. And a few proudly claimed to be Socialists, and why not? Millennials 18-29 don't know what the word even means.

The LightBringer, Captain KickAss (H/T @AceOfSpadesHQ) became President in large part to this lack of awareness and the skillfull job the media did to hide his background.

With President Obama and the thousands of like-minded #NeoComs his administration has placed various government echelons, the amazing onslaught of Progressive values against majority culture and the compliant press, we are finally seeing the effect of millions of microagressions against America over the past 24 years or so, in a post-Soviet world.

And this is where this blog post REALLY begins.

This is where I show you that we've lost and Communism has won, for good.

If you have children in elementary school, perhaps you've seen these many of these millions of micro-aggressions personally.

Here is a blurb from BrainPop, which makes cartoons to educate your elementary-school aged child while you're off working a job to pay soul-crushing taxes for supporting the 47%.  And it's important work our educators do for our children--it's kind of like the argument for illegal immigrants--they do the job parents don't want to do.

The following blurb on Ronald Reagan is just the hook to get you interested.  Perhaps you've never heard of him.  Perhaps you have no idea about political philosophy. 

Well, hey, kid! Here you go. Watch this cartoon! Here's the hard sell:
"You’ve probably heard the name Ronald Reagan--after all, it adorns schools, highways, airports, buildings, and lots of other places. But since you were probably born after he left office, you might not know a lot about the life and legacy of America’s 40th President.
Never fear--in this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby will fill you in on the story of how this lifelong fan of Franklin D. Roosevelt became one of the most successful Republicans of all time. You’ll hear about his early career as a Hollywood movie actor, and how it taught him the communication skills he’d later put to use in his political career.
You’ll discover how he helped move conservative principles like low taxes and increased military spending from the fringe into the mainstream. And you’ll see how he contributed to the end of the Cold War. You’ll also learn about the downside of his presidential administration, too--from the way he ran up the national debt to the scandal that threatened his presidency. Whether you love the 80s or not, you’ll be sure to learn something from this movie!"
Did you spot the #NeoCommunism in the text?  No? Well, hey, kids!  Let's discover it together! 

1." ...this lifelong fan of Franklin D. Roosevelt became one of the most successful Republicans of all time."

Yes, it's true Ronnie was a very big fan of FDR, and understandably so for his time period. Say what you will about the tremendous damage a Progressive four-term President can have on a Constitutional Republic, but for 12 years (he died early in his 4th term, NTTIAWTT), FDR chatted with people inside their homes on the radio and guided a frightened nation through World War 2 and is given credit for fixing the Great Depression (even though his policies prolonged it in hindsight).  Ronnie started out life as a Democrat--back when Democrats weren't the freaks they are today--and converted to become severely conservative DESPITE his FDR fandom.

The second part of the sentence is a remarkable backhanded compliment and begs a lot of questions: A "successful" Republican what?! 

Is the answer "President", maybe?

But no, you avoided that word, didn't you, BrainPop? Did you avoid putting those two words together to avoid instant associations with another "successful" Republican President, Abraham Lincoln?

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt that this was an unintentional bias on your part, that even saying the word "Republican" causes you to vomit in your mouth and the only reason you agreed to take this project on is that a) you had to because you need a resume builder so you can eventually leave this $37,000/year job--your first since graduating from the Art Institute, b) you could "set the record straight" to impressionable children who are just a little more than ten years your junior. You were duty bound, dammit.

2. "You’ll discover how he helped move conservative principles like low taxes and increased military spending from the fringe into the mainstream."

Your hackles should be raised high at this moment. The person, described above, writing the cartoon script probably believes that these are "fringe" ideas better placed into the "wrong-side" history dustbin.

You have to realize, dear reader, that the script writer isn't intentionally fucking up. She totes believes that the principles the country was founded on, like the primary role of a limited government is to spend money on defense--and at any amount required to ensure the Constitution is preserved--so the country can protect the individual citizen's inherent rights.

Reagan had to increase American military spending because of two highly inter-related reasons:

a) the Soviet Union--our existential enemy since 1945--had just invaded Afghanistan and was active in conducting proxy revolutions in Central America. Iran had just underwent a radical transformation that resulted in 52 Americans being held hostage for 444 days under President Carter, who launched a failed special operations rescue.

b) The post-Vietnam malaise and military draw down had created an obsolete military too weak to be able to adequately protect America's interests (like Americans, for instance--see Desert One). The American military had to be modernized.

See, historical context matters. Progressives--especially young ones who focus obsessively on the future--don't like inconvenient history, and don't care to try to frame, evaluate, or test their ideas in a historical context.

None of this matters, though, because in just two sentences, the script writer has already started to anchor your child into these following beliefs (just has she, too, was taught them just a few years earlier):

1. Even Reagan, thought FDR was a hero, as should you.
2. Reagan was a President, but is seen as a more successful "Republican." Success to Republicans means implementing fringe ideas like excessive military spending and the incongruity of lower taxes. (I can just see her eyes rolling at the cognitive dissonance created as she tries to circle the square on increasing military spending while simultaneous reducing revenues to pay for it).

3. "And you’ll see how he contributed to the end of the Cold War."

Ah, yes. Where to go with this one?

There is an obvious bias to minimize two concepts. First, Reagan's role in defeating the Soviet Union and ending the Cold War, and second what the Cold War really was about.

The first is more significant. It's passive. It suggests the Cold War was ending already--as all wars do naturally, right*--and that Reagan simply "contributed."

There is obviously an inherent danger in attributing too much credit where it doesn't belong.

The second, is that the Soviet Union was sick and ailing; the internal demographics of the nation where horrendous. Communism as an economic system is practice will tend toward failure, and more quickly when you're trying to compete with the less bridled economic engine of the United States on a global scale.

Throw in a crippling Afghan insurgency...

What role did Reagan actually have in bringing down the USSR? Rest assured, it was significant, even if somewhat intangible, outside of simply bullying the USSR and bolstering the world against it.  He certainly had help, and credit for supporting the Afghan mujihideen goes to a lot of patriotic lawmakers such as Democrat Texan Charlie Wilson, and a whole host of other awesome supporting characters.

Let's just say that Reagan had more to do with the Soviet downfall than Obama did killing Osama Bin Laden--an interesting thread of history that connects the two Presidents, btw.

4.  "You’ll also learn about the downside of his presidential administration, too--from the way he ran up the national debt to the scandal that threatened his presidency. Whether you love the 80s or not, you’ll be sure to learn something from this movie!"

Ah, the dark side of Reagan. The Debt! The Scandals! 

We've already talked about it a little. When you cut taxes and increase military spending, these things could happen. The debt went from about 1 to 3 trillion during the 1980's and annual deficits were pretty high.  It's important to remember, though that Congress writes the checks, ultimately, and Reagan was denied a line-item veto to cut programs he didn't like (which is probably best in the long run, anyway). Economics are complicated things, and Reagan was fighting against Carter's stagflation, which screwed with actual revenues as inflation fluctuated.

Of course, both the deficit and total debt a little higher today. Since 2009, US debt has gone up 70% to 18.3 trillion. "What about a inflation and all that?!", you say.

"I could buy a 1989 Fiero GT for $12,000 back then! A high-quality Detroit-imported car like that today would run me at least $16,500!," you say.

Here is Reagan's debt buried in a chart, measured versus GDP. Let me know when you see it.

I'll wait.


Iran-Contra was a scandal, alright. I watched the hearings as a child, and even without a Fox News or Limbaugh to cheerlead and provide me my opinions, recognized that Oliver North was a very powerful Lieutenant Colonel. I supported what he did. I wanted America to do whatever it took to defeat our enemies and protect Americans.  So American was going to SELL some arms to Iran so they could fight SADDAM HUSSIEN for the purpose of rescuing AMERICAN hostages held in Lebanon (by Iran-backed militants) and also send residual funds to he Contras to fight COMMUNISTS in Central America.

Contrast this "scandal" with trading five high-level Taliban executives straight up for a PFC deserter. Throw into it this week's nuke deal that prompted me to create this meme.

* very few wars actually ever "end," but simply are put on hold in a larger struggle. Thus, the Crusades continue being fought today because one side never gave up, or "grew up" like the other side did.

OK, so you're thinking, Peetey, Peetey, Peetey. I bet BrainPop covers all Presidents equally--the good and the bad.

Well, I looked. And hey, you're right! They mentioned Bill Clinton's impeachment to lying to Congress about NOT getting blowjobs and diddling interns private parts with cigars, without mentioning "blowjob," although they did use a common synonym, "Lewinsky."

They didn’t call him the Comeback Kid for nothing! In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby describe the triumphs and tribulations of Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States. Follow Clinton’s rise from a poor childhood in Arkansas to the highest office in the land. Discover his successes: laws designed to help the underprivileged; the revamping of America’s welfare policy; a sweeping North American trade agreement (NAFTA); and a booming economy. Analyze his failures: the defeat of healthcare reform; the military disaster in Somalia; and the Whitewater / Lewinsky scandal that led to his impeachment. And explore the circumstances that helped Clinton overcome these obstacles with his legacy intact!
Gee, the "Comeback Kid!11!!!1" and "Mr. Intact Legacy!!!1!!!1!"

Life's pretty good when you're king and about 89% of the media vote for you and thuggish teachers unions endorse you to their compliant drones and college faculty donate money to you in spades.

But, hey. Let's give BrainPop another chance. Let's take a look at their artwork. Surely there are no #NeoCommunist messages in there, right? Too obvious, right?

In the left Ronnie photo, you've got jolly ol' Ron cuttin up those taxes, yuk yuk! What a fringe kook--that's sooooo 1980's!  On the right, you've got an oil rig in a national park. 

You may not know this, kid, but ol' Ron, like all Republicans, likes to bathe in pollution, and in the early 1980's opened portions of Federally owned land for oil exploration, which of course, ruined them all. Old Faithful actually spurts out oil, not boiling water propelled by steam.

Context matters, and despite the current administrations totally contrary policies, American is a global, fossil fuel power house.  In the early 1980's, with Iran and Iraq gassing each other over oil fields along the border, and the 1973 oil embargo was quite fresh on the minds of America, some people were looking for some solutions other than Jimmy Carter's cardigan sweater energy conservation plans.

I'm an environmental biologist myself (even get paid to do it!), and no Progressive I've heard vomit #GreenWashing talking points ever seems to consider that if it weren't for fossil fuels we'd have to use all of our trees for energy. We wouldn't actually have enough trees, and the country would look a lot like Pennsylvania did in the 1800's. Man-caused erosion and change in hydrogeography would have a catastrophic effect on our surface water supplies.

Susquehanna River Log Boom, circa 1880. Entire mountains were deforested.
I know you're getting tired. So imma gonna end here for now. 

In Part Two, I'm going to tie this all into a nice neat bow and show you something that will totally blow you mind and make you feel utterly defeated and demoralized--if you weren't already.

Until then, have a great weekend! If you have children, start to talk to them about America if you haven't been.